North Carolina's Premier Trophy Trout Stream
Tucked away in the moutains behind Spruce Pine lies North Carolina's best kept fly fishing secret. With the opportunity to cast to 28 inch trout, there is no wonder why anglers call Big Rock Creek a little piece of heaven.

Joe Willis and a Big Rock Creek Brown Trout

River Keeper Joe Willis and a 27 inch Brown caught at the club.

River Keeper Joe Willis

Big Rock Creek is a trophy trout stream maintained by ledendary river keeper Joe Willis.  The club has over 4 miles of stream divided into several sections.  Members have the opportunity to cast to  24+ inch fish on a regular basis.   By keeping the membership count low, members have the opportunity to feel alone on the river.  It is customary to fish an entire day without seeing another member.

Trout Habitat

The stream is maintained through yearly dues from it members. Joe keeps the river clean and free of debris. Trout are fed periodically to ensure they and healthy and do not migrate away from the club.

The stream provides many different types of water. There are riffles, plunge pools and flat slow moving sections providing varying types of casting and fly selection. Many large fish been caught equally on nymphs, streamers and dry flies.


Located only 2 1/2 hours from Charlotte, 1 1/2 hours from Asheville and Boone it is close enough to have a solid day’s fishing while still sleeping in your own bed.

Map above shows 100 mile radius from Spruce Pine, NC

Directions from Charlotte, NC

  • Take Interstate 85 South toward Gastonia
  • Take Exit 17, Highway US 321 N toward Dallas/Lincolnton/Gaston Col.
  • Travel US 321 N toward Hickory for 32.5 miles
  • Take Exit 43, Interstate 40 West towards Asheville for 36.6 miles
  • Take Exit 86, Highway NC 226 toward Marion and turn right at the light
  • Travel Highway NC 226 for 13.0 miles, turn left to stay on NC-226
  • Turn right to stay on NC 226 and proceed up the mountain for 5.3 miles
  • Turn right to stay on NC 226 for 3.5 miles

Total Time to Spruce Pine, approx. 2 hours and 10 minutes from Charlotte Airport

Directions from Asheville, NC

  • Take US-19 N toward Woodfin/Weaverville for 18.3 miles
  • Take Exit 9, US-19 N/US-23-A N exit, EXIT 9, toward Burnsville/Spruce Pine.
  • Turn right onto US-19/US-23. Continue to follow US-19 for 10.8 miles
  • US-19 becomes US-19E for 19.2 miles
  • Turn right onto NC-226.

Total Time to Spruce Pine, approx. 1 hours and 10 minutes from central Asheville